The Washington Post first-edition Page 1 for Saturday, Feb. 15, 2020:

Top of the page:

Cols. 1-4: Going inside the lab where scientists are working urgently to fight the coronavirus outbreak. (VIRUS-LAB, Johnson). Moved; one photo.

Cols. 5-6: The divide between Donald Trump and AG William Barr worsens as the president bucks a request to stop tweeting, and the Justice Department declines to charge his political foe. (BARR-2NDLD, Zapotosky, Dawsey, Barrett and Hsu). Moved; will be led.

Above the fold:

Cols. 5-6: William Taylor Jr., a key impeachment witness, quietly returns home to President Trump's Washington. (IMPEACH-TAYLOR-1STLD, Jaffe). Moved; three photos.

Below the fold:

Cols. 1-2: Bernie Sanders is powered by a loyal base, but results in Iowa and New Hampshire show the movement has limits. (SANDERS, Sullivan). Upcoming.

Cols. 3-6: In Australia, plans to tap a massive coal reserve collide with concerns about climate. (AUSTRALIA-COAL, Wilson). Moved; six photos. NOTE: This file published Feb. 11.

Bottom of page: Keys to inside stories.

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