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SANDERS - Bernie Sanders is powered by a loyal base, but results in Iowa and New Hampshire show the movement has limits. 1,800 words, by Sean Sullivan (Post).

STONE - Roger Stone asks for new trial in sealed motion, one day after President Trump accused jury forewoman of bias. 730 words, by Spencer S. Hsu and John Wagner (Post).

IMMIG-ICE - President Trump administration taps elite border units to arrest immigrants inside the United States. 775 words, by Nick Miroff and Maria Sacchetti (Post).

GIULIANI - As impeachment trial ended, prosecutors took new steps in the Rudy Giuliani-related probe, according to people familiar with case. 1,885 words, by Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger (Post).

VINDMAN - The U.S. military isn't investigating Vindman, top Army official says. 620 words, by Paul Sonne (Post).

HUAWEI-PENTAGON - The Pentagon drops opposition to new rules that would further restrict tech sales to Huawei. 700 words, by Ellen Nakashima, Jeanne Whalen and David J. Lynch (Post).

PENTAGON - The Pentagon shaves $6.5 billion by selling obsolete equipment, trimming back office items. 550 words, by Aaron Gregg (Post).

TRUMP-RELIGION - President Trump mocks the faith of others. His own religious practices remain opaque. 1,475 words, by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Julie Zauzmer and Josh Dawsey (Post).

SCAROLINA-DEATH - South Carolina authorities announce a link between the suspected homicide of a 6-year-old girl and the death of a 30-year-old male neighbor. 530 words, by Brittany Shammas (Post).

BUTTERFLY-EFFECT - The butterfly effect, a cornerstone of chaos theory, is widely misunderstood. 950 words, by Jeremy Deaton (Post).

IRAN-US - The White House memo on Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani strike makes no mention of imminent threat. 500 words, by Anne Gearan and Colby Itkowitz (Post).

MEXICO - The slaying of the 25-year-old and publication of photos of her body have reignited protests against violence targeting women. 600 words, by Mary Beth Sheridan and Gabriela Martinez (Post).

BRAZIL-REPORTER - Leo Veras was a reporter in Ponta Porã, where Brazil's most powerful gangs wage war for control of smuggling routes. 1,290 words, by Terrence McCoy (Post).

YEMEN - Officials in rebel-controlled areas of Yemen halt plans to impose a 2% tax on humanitarian assistance after it sparked an outcry from donor countries and aid groups. 520 words, by Missy Ryan, Ali Al-Mujahed and John Hudson (Post).

UMD-PRESIDENT - U-Md.'s next president, Darryll Pines, is an insider with ambitious goals. 1,500 words, by Susan Svrluga, Lauren Lumpkin and Nick Anderson (Post). One photo.

VIRGINIA-GHAISAR - The Justice Department will not allow the FBI to testify in an investigation of the Bijan Ghaisar killing. 1,245 words, by Tom Jackman (Post).

VIRGINIA-CHASE - State Sen. Amanda Chase would be the first Republican to get into the 2021 race for governor. 645 words, by Laura Vozzella (Post).

COCOA-CHILDLABOR - On Valentine's Day, a push to keep companies from making chocolate with cocoa grown with child labor. 850 words, by Peter Whoriskey (Post). One photo.

DATING-APPS-ASSESS - Dating apps aren't protecting you or your data. 640 words, by Kara Alaimo (Bloomberg).

TRADE-SPIRITS - Spirits to stock up on in face of new 100% tariffs. 1,500 words, by Brad Japhe (Bloomberg).

FITBIT - Criminal charges will be dropped against former FitBit employees who were accused of stealing trade secrets from their former employer. 650 words, by Reed Albergoti (Post).

PRAYER-COMMENT - Believe it or not, President Trump, many people pray for you. 820 words, by Colbert I. King (Post).



SHEA - WASHINGTON - U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea's role in Roger Stone sentencing storm remains in question. 1,575 words, by Spencer S. Hsu, Keith L. Alexander and Rachel Weiner (Post).

SPACEX - Elon Musk's SpaceX is about to land its 50th Falcon 9 booster. 1,125 words, by Christian Davenport (Post).

TRUMP-RELIGION - Analysis: President Trump's religious practices remain opaque. 1,350 words, by Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Julie Zauzmer (Post).

HUAWEI - MUNICH - Huawei 5G tie-up will not disrupt intelligence-sharing, U.S. officials say. 1,000 words, by Loveday Morris, Michael Birnbaum and Ellen Nakashima (Post).

HUAWEI-BG - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns European allies that it would be dangerous to Huawei to build global information networks. 590 words, by Anna Edgerton and Iain Rogers (Bloomberg).

TRADE-STATES - Exporters from most states experienced dismal sales to China last year as tariffs slammed products ranging from wheat and whiskey to ginseng and gas, new government figures show. 580 words, by Anita Sharpe (Bloomberg).

MEXICO-BG - Demonstrators in Mexico City outraged by the horrific murder of a 25-year-old woman spray graffiti on the presidential palace and disrupt President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's daily press conference. 525 words, by Lorena Rios (Bloomberg).

RUSSIA-CONSTITUTION - Putin's constitution dream team has those who never read it. 375 words, by Ilya Arkhipov (Bloomberg).

DRIVERLESS-STARTUPS - Spunky startups are making inroads in rolling out driverless transportation. 1,410 words, by David Welch (Bloomberg).

GAS - Solar and wind power can't compete with gas this cheap. 685 words, by Naureen Malik and Brian Eckhouse (Bloomberg).

SABINO - Former State Department employee gets seven years for taking bribes. 360 words, by Rachel Weiner (Post).

NEWJERSEY-MALL - Two decades in the making, the American Dream mega-mall is about to open its doors to shoppers. The question is how many will show up. 920 words by Jordyn Holman (Bloomberg). One photo.

MCCLATCHY - Hedge fund behind McClatchy bankruptcy set to take over. 1,120 words, by Jonathan O'Connell (Post).

PARIS-MAYOR - PARIS - France shrugs at sex scandals. But after a leaked video, this politician bowed out. 675 words, by James McAuley (Post).

VIRUS-DOCTORS - Infections among front-line health-care workers in China could hurt coronavirus fight. 400 words, by Emily Rauhala (Post).

AVENATTI - NEW YORK - Michael Avenatti found guilty in Nike extortion case. 525 words, by Shayna Jacobs (Post).

CLIMATE-PARENTING - How climate experts think about raising children who will inherit a planet in crisis. 1,810 words, by Caitlin Gibson (Post).

TRUMP-YATES-COMMENT - Sally Yates: President Trump thinks the Justice Department is his personal grudge squad. 875 words, by Sally Yates (Post).

FREEDOM-COMMENT - President Trump and I disagreed at the National Prayer Breakfast. But we listened to each other. 900 words, by Arthur C. Brooks (Post special).

NEVADA-COMMENT - Will Nevada be another caucus nightmare? 650 words, by Jennifer Rubin (Post).

PRAYER-COMMENT - Believe it or not, President Trump, many people pray for you. 810 words, by Colbert I. King (Post).



BARR - President Trump responds with a tweet to the attorney general's request for Trump to stop tweeting about Justice Deptartment. 500 words, by Matt Zapotosky and John Wagner (Post).

BARR-REACT - WASHINGTON _ Republicans and Trump critics alike agree with William Barr's remarks on Trump tweets, but critics question the AG's motive. 900 words, by Fred Barbash and Allyson Chiu (Post). Two videos.

EPA - After pushing President Trump to exit the Paris climate agreement and roll back environmental rules, Mandy Gunasekara is returning to EPA as chief of staff. 630 words, by Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis (Post). One photo.

WEINSTEIN - NEW YORK - Harvey Weinstein accused of manipulating women who wanted to be in his "universe," in prosecution's closing argument. 750 words, by Shayna Jacobs (Post).

MCCABE - WASHINGTON - Justice Dept. won't charge Andrew McCabe, the former FBI official who authorized investigation of President Trump. 525 words, by Matt Zapotosky, Devlin Barrett and Karoun Demirjian (Post).

IMPEACH-TAYLOR - WASHINGTON - Ambassador William B. Taylor Jr., back from Ukraine, faces a Washington forever changed by President Trump. 2,040 words, by Greg Jaffe (Post). Three photos.

CHURCH-GUNS - Too small to hire guards, too worried to go gun-free, community churches are now arming themselves. 1,810 words, by Reis Thebault (Post). Four photos.

CALIF-COLLEGE - A labor dispute between graduate-student workers and the University of California at Santa Cruz results in the arrest of 17 students. 750 words, by Danielle Douglas-Gabriel (Post).

RICHMOND - RICHMOND, Va. - The capital of Virginia has the nation's second-highest eviction rate. 1,340 words, by Luis Velarde (Post). Three photos, one video.

VIRGINIA-POLITICS - RICHMOND, Va. - Virginia cities and towns can levy taxes without the consent of the General Assembly and the state's counties cannot. That distinction may change. 970 words, by Patricia Sullivan (Post).

MEDICAID - WASHINGTON _ An appeals court strikes down the Trump administration's decision to allow states to compel some Medicaid recipients to work in exchange for benefits. 480 words, by Amy Goldstein (Post).

CIA-HOUSE - Labor activists and long-time partners Florence Thorne and Margaret Scattergood spent decades living on the grounds of the CIA. 1,390 words, by Jessica Contrera and Gillian Brockell (Post). Two photos.

MASSACHUSETTS-ROBBERY - A Massachusetts woman on a first date with a man she met on a dating app ends up as a getaway driver in a bank robbery. 590 words, by Antonia Noori Farzan (Post).

POLITICS-NEWSLETTER - Neither the Houston Astros nor Donald Trump can shake the fear of the asterisk. 1,700 words, by James Hohmann (Post).


AFGHAN - Reduction of violence agreement reached with Taliban, U.S. officials say. 375 words, by Karen DeYoung and John Hudson (Post).

EBOLA - ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - The second-biggest Ebola outbreak in history, which has upended life in eastern Congo, is waning. 835 words, by Max Bearak (Post).

VIRUS-LAB - BALTIMORE - A laboratory at the Maryland School of Medicine is studying the coronavirus to fight the outbreak and get a head start on the next one. 1,500 words, by Carolyn Y. Johnson (Post). One photo.

VIRUS-MACAO - Macao wins praise for its bold but costly casino shutdown to deter the spread of the coronavirus. 1,290 words, by Shibani Mahtani and Rachel Cheung (Post).

VIRUS-CHINA-BG - The choice of former Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong lead virus-plagued Hubei province speaks volumes about what President Xi Jinping values as he grapples with the biggest political crisis of his tenure. 860 words (Bloomberg). One photo.

VIRUS-NUMBERS-FAQ - Frequently asked questions about China's virus data. 890 words, by Rachel Chang (Bloomberg). One photo.

VIRUS-SINGAPORE - Worries about the coronavirus upend priorities at the Singapore airshow. 675 words, by Anurag Kotoky and Kyunghee Park (Bloomberg). One photo.

GERMANY-BG - The battle to succeed Angela Merkel at the head of Germany's Christian Democratic Union intensifies. 995 words, by Arne Delfs (Bloomberg). Two photos.

EUROPE-STORMS - Twin bomb cyclones to merge into one of strongest-ever storms in North Atlantic, hammering Iceland and threatening U.K. as Storm Dennis. 1,130 words, by Andrew Freedman (Post).


INEQUALITY - "Parasite" paints a nightmarish picture of Korean inequality. The reality in America is even worse. 900 words, by Christopher Ingraham (Post). One graphic.

AUTOS-JEEP - Diesel Jeep Wrangler Unlimited takes off-road glory to the city. 1,000 words, by Hannah Elliott (Bloomberg).

MARKETS-BG - U.S. equities fluctuate after steady if uninspiring figures for retail sales and investors assess contrasting data from China on how the coronavirus is spreading. 640 words, by Todd White and Vildana Hajric (Bloomberg).

GOOGLE-FTC-BG - The Federal Trade Commission is likely to take another look at Google's 2013 purchase of Waze. 1,100 words, by Mark Bergen and Ben Brody (Bloomberg). One photo.

ECON-BG - U.S. factory output falls in January on the production halt for Boeing's 737 Max. 325 words, by Reade Pickert (Bloomberg).

SLEEP - Some employers are shifting from simply talking about better sleep - or giving employees tools to track it - to helping them with what to do about it. 1,480 words, by Jena McGregor (Post).

ICECREAM-ADS - Unilever, owner of Ben & Jerry's, Good Humor and other brands, pledges to stop advertising ice cream to children. 940 words, by Laura Reiley (Post).

NISSAN - Nissan shares fall to a decade low after the company cut its full-year profit outlook. 870 words, by Chester Dawson (Bloomberg).

SLOAN - New rules for inherited IRAs sandbag everyone but the wealthy. 905 words, by Allan Sloan (Post).

SONY - Scarce components are pushing manufacturing costs for Sony's next PlayStation to around $450 per unit. 800 words, by Takashi Mochizuki (Bloomberg). One photo.

TESLA-BG - Elon Musk's decision to raise more capital is driven by Tesla's rapidly rising stock price. 690 words, by Dana Hull and Gabrielle Coppola (Bloomberg).

CANOPY - Shares jump as much as 25% after Canopy reports quarterly results that beat expectations. 300 words, by Kristine Owram (Bloomberg).

TOAST - The Boston-based maker of point-of-sale technology for restaurants raises $400 million at a $4.9 billion valuation in a fundraising round. 320 words, by Liana Baker (Bloomberg).

FIATCHRYSLER - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dealers in New York threaten to sue the automaker over incentives that may disadvantage smaller businesses. 480 words, by Gabrielle Coppola (Bloomberg).

TUBMAN - Yes, that Harriet Tubman debit card is real, and no, she's not pictured on it doing the Wakanda salute. 1,050 words, by Teo Armus (Post). One photo.

GALENTINES - Amy Poehler invented Galentine's Day, now retailers are seizing on it, 580 words, by Jordyn Holman (Bloomberg

DEALS-STATES-COMMENT - States are ready and willing to kill harmful mergers if the two main federal regulators won't. 730 words, by Tara Lachapelle (Bloomberg).

Health, Science, Environment

TURTLES - Turtles the size of a car once roamed the Earth. Scientists just found their fossils. 621 words, by Reis Thebault (Post).

ANTARCTICA - A weather research in Antarctica registers a temperature of 69.3 degrees. 915 words, by Andrew Freedman (Post).

ASTEROID - Astronomers find a near-Earth asteroid with its own moon. 530 words, by Ben Guarino (Post). One photo.

BELVIQ -Weight-loss drug Belviq will be withdrawn from the U.S. market at the request of the FDA after research tied it to increased rates of cancer. 380 words, by Emma Court (Bloomberg).


AUDIOBOOKS - When not onstage, actors are putting their dramatic skills to work making "talking books" at the Library of Congress. 1,145 words, by Peggy McGlone (Post).

TV-STUEVER - Why did I fall for "Love Is Blind"? Because Netflix is really good at making reality TV. 1,285 words, by Hank Stuever (Post). Four photos.


WASHINGTON-MYTHS-COMMENT - Five myths about George Washington. 1,400 words, by Alexis Coe (Post special).

STONE-COMMENT - Roger Stone's case shows how wealthy, well-connected defendants get off easy all the time. 1,360 words, by Sarah Lustbader (Post special).

OLDERDRIVERS-COMMENT - It's too easy for older drivers to renew their driver's licenses. 705 words, by Henry Aaron (Post special).

LATAM-GRAFT-COMMENT - Central America falls behind in the war on graft. 1,420 words, by Mac Margolis (Bloomberg).

LABOR-COMMENT - Labor should be allowed to organize by industry. 820 words, by Noah Smith (Bloomberg).

VIRUS-OSTERHOLM-COMMENT -Health-care workers are the front-line warriors against coronavirus. We must protect them. 830 words, by Michael T. Osterholm and Mark Olshaker (Post special).

CHINA-OLSEN-COMMENT - I's time for global businesses to admit it: China isn't a good investment. 750 words, by Henry Olsen (Post).

ASTROS-BOLSINGER-COMMENT - My career ended after pitching against the Astros. I'm suing them over their cheating. 900 words, by Mike Bolsinger (Post special).

BARR-BLAKE-COMMENT - This William Barr explanation just doesn't make sense. 1,180 words, bt Aaron Blake (Post).

AUTISM-COMMENT - The biggest autism advocacy group still fails too many autistic people. 1,070 words, by Sara Luterman (Post special).

DEMS-COMMENT - The Democratic primary is a real-time demonstration of the hierarchy of oppression. 940 words, by David Dennis, Jr. (Post special).

BUTTIGIEG-RUBIN-COMMENT - Pete Buttigieg may struggle with black voters. But could he get the Hispanic vote? 1,125 words, by Jennifer Rubin (Post).

POLITICS-COMMENT - The New Hampshire primary and the Fort Worth rodeo have more in common than you'd think. 840 words, by P.J. O'Rourke (Post special).

DEMS-WALDMAN-COMMENT - Don't despair, Democrats. You aren't doomed. 815 words, by Paul Waldman (Post).